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Our GymTots Program was designed by experts in our industry for boys and girls ages 3 - 5 years. Lessons engage children with music, visual cues, props, colorful mats, and challenging gymnastics equipment. Each themed-based lesson plan, like "Animal Action" and "Winter Wonderland," offers variety each week, and the opportunity to move...not sit! This program is sure to delight both parent and child! 

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What should I expect? While your child is building motor skills, they will also show improvement in social and intellectual skills. Your child will learn basic gymnastics skills, increase flexibility, balance and rhythm, and consequently, improve self-esteem and confidence. Listening skills, attention span, and the ability to follow directions will also improve. 
What should my child wear?
Girls should wear a leotard or athletic shorts and a t-shirt. Boys should wear athletic shorts and a t-shirt. Bare feet are best. Hair should be pulled up securely, with no bows or items that interfere with somersaulting. No jewelry or gum allowed. 
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What is GymFest ? This is our end-of-the-year performance held on a Saturday at the end of April. All recreational students get a chance to perform routines and "show-off" their progress to friends and family. Each class combines to form a team and selects a leotard or t-shirt for the performance. At the conclusion of GymFest each child is recognized and presented with a gold medal. There is no better way to end a year of hard work and fun!  
Gymfest Celebration for students ages 3 & up!